Vepery Twin Towers to Help Guard Chennai | Chennai News

CHENNAI: A proposed eight-storey tower, which will be the twin of the existing city police headquarters in Vepery, is being touted as a game-changer when it comes to police response time and cyber capacity to the city.

As of now, police arrive at the scene of the event within five minutes of landing an emergency call to the control room. The new facility, which will start work in March, will reduce response time to 2-3 minutes, Commissioner Shankar Jiwal said. Trained police occupying a centralized control room spread over 4,000 square feet will monitor multiple locations live on a video wall.
Under the Safe City project, Chennai will get an additional 5,000 cameras and install them in 2,000 strategic locations such as women’s colleges, girls’ schools and places that attend a large gathering of women.
The live feed from these cameras will be linked to the centralized control room. Repeated, frantic hand gestures or unusual, rushed runs in public places would be picked up by these cameras. Once activated, the live stream would appear in the control room, which would automatically alert the police or patrol team closest to the relevant location.
“Police would reach the place in the shortest response time,” Jiwal said.
The computer lab and electronic tools available from the metro police are currently dilapidated and in need of improvement. The city police are also constrained by having to send digital and electronic evidence to Hyderabad Cyber ​​Lab for review and validation. This too will change with the arrival of the new building, which should house a complete and advanced cyber laboratory. It can process any evidence and produce results within hours.
Apart from this, Chennai’s intelligent transport management system will also be installed in the new building and will be jointly monitored by transport and police personnel.
When completed, the city’s police headquarters will be a twin tower connected by a connecting walkway to the fourth floor, where the control room is to rise. All agents housed in the facilities can rush to the control room in the event of an emergency. The building also complies with the highest requirements for green building, such as sustainable architecture and design, water conservation, energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality.
As the building has been designed like lotus petals, airflow and sunlight penetration will be high, thus reducing energy consumption. The waste water will be fully recycled and the material used for the construction will maintain the room temperature even if the air conditioners are on. These comply with Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) standards.
Private architectural firm Arkie Atelier Design India was contracted to design and oversee the construction of the building and the team carried out soil, UV and stability tests on the north side of the Commissioner’s Office campus. The final design will be handed over to the Tamil Nadu Police Housing Corporation for tender.
“It will be a smart and green building, which will step up the policing and overall security of the city by several notches,” Commissioner Jiwal said.

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