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Originally set up to celebrate Stalin’s victory over Nazi Germany, today’s VE Day in Russia has been used as a method to flex military muscle and apply Putin’s propaganda as his invasion of Ukraine continues to face challenges. The Tyrant may have exposed more weakness than he intended, with onlookers pointing to the safety vest as he saluted the strength of his army.

Twitter user @expatua observed: “Putin is visibly wearing a streamlined body armor under his jacket today.”

Meanwhile, user @propornot also noticed something odd about the despot’s outfit, commenting, “What weird box does Putin have in his jacket during the parade?

“iPad? Some kind of radio mic? Mini dialysis machine? Cardboard box of analyst bait?”

A body armor seems likely, as two Russian cities have completely canceled their VE Day plans over fears of Ukrainian sabotage, and Putin himself has reportedly been struggling with health issues.

After his New Year’s speech, there was also speculation that he was wearing a bulletproof vest.

This claim was refuted by the Kremlin, which called it “nonsense”.

The invasion of Russia was significantly blocked by unexpected Ukrainian resistance, with an initial plan to take the capital of kyiv in a thunderbolt which failed to achieve its objectives.

Invading troops have since moved into the Donbass region to strengthen Russian control in eastern Ukraine.

However, this too has been met with fierce resistance, with 2,000 Ukrainian troops from the Azov Regiment holding out in the steelworks of the strategically crucial port city of Mariupol, which has been completely obliterated by continuous Russian bombardment.

Poor planning and an inexperienced army were pointed to by experts as major flaws in Putin’s invasion, leading to supply lines stretching for miles that were prone to ambushes by Ukrainian defenders.

The Russian cities of Belgorod and Voronezh have announced they will not hold parades or show weapons for security reasons after the two regions suffered a series of unexplained attacks on military infrastructure.

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Of his VE Day parade, Lord Dannatt noted that he looked rather “bloated” and struggled to move “freely” as he strolled.

Putin’s strongman image was further shattered by images of him sitting with a blanket in his lap.

Journalist John Sweeney, currently reporting from Ukraine, tweeted: “Vladimir Putin – a kneeling blanket, full cheeks, a hamster stuffed on steroids – cuts a weak and weakened figure as the Russian army drives past the Kremlin”.

Meanwhile, the president could also be seen clutching the table, constantly tapping his foot as if uncomfortably, during a meeting with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu last month. latest.

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