‘Voshon Lenard, you can’t keep me, not tonight. Why are you even trying?’: When Michael Jordan talked trash to Heat star and delivered the same

Bulls legend Michael Jordan handed out Heat forward Voshon Lenard a ton of trash and also delivered the same

In the 75 years of the NBA, there hasn’t been a player who’s done shit like Michael Jordan and recognized it. The Bulls legend tried to find small things to hold against people and use them as motivation to defeat any opponent.

Michael Jordan had a rare ability to flip a switch and improve his performance at any point in a contest. This is one of the things that scared MJ’s opponents, as well as his talent for backing up his speech.

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Another thing about Michael Jordan was his ability to remember the smallest incidents that happened with a player in previous competitions and use that as motivation for the next time he faced them. Voshon Lenard faced the same first hand in 1998. He talked shit after he “put the pliers” on the Bulls legend in Game 4 of the 1997 Eastern Conference Finals.

“Let’s start with 0-0, see who scores all the points”: Michael Jordan to Voshon Lenard

In 1997, the Chicago Bulls were coming off a record NBA season, earning 72 wins and a championship. They planned to repeat their success and were in the ECF. Voshon Lenard appeared to put the clamps on Jordan in Game 4 of the series. MJ went 0/11 from the field in the first half and attempted 15 FGs before taking his first shot. Lenard challenged MJ to go 1-on-1 as the Heat were up 25. MJ cut the lead to 7 by the end of the game.

In 1998, when they met in the regular season, MJ remembered the same thing. He told Voshon about trash early on.

“You can’t keep me. Not this evening. Why are you even trying?

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Well, MJ did exactly what he said. He finished the game with a game-high 37 points, leading the Bulls to a 106-91 victory. I guess the takeaway lesson here is that you don’t talk shit to the GOAT unless you’re ready for the heat.

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