“Who is going to keep me? Bill Wennington? Dennis Rodman? “: Shaquille O’Neal mocks the idea that the Michael Jordan Bulls can beat his Lakers

Shaquille O’Neal claims he would make the difference in a game between the Lakers 3-lap team and the Bulls 3-lap team.

The common thread between the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers championship teams of the 90s and 2000s is Phil Jackson. If a hypothetical fight were to ensue between, say, the 1996 Bulls and Shaquille O’Neal and his early 2000s Lakers, the battle to see who had the “Zen Master” on their side would be the first rule of thumb. ‘order.

Of course, Michael Jordan’s Bulls have been far more successful than purple and gold with the Shaq-Kobe tandem, with the former winning 6 titles in 8 years and the latter having just a 3-round in his belt. Kobe Bryant has always said, however, that if Shaquille O’Neal had his work ethic, they would have won double-digit titles. This is an exaggeration, but they certainly would have won more than 3.

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During the “Rich Eisen Show,” Shaq opened up about what it was like to be coached by Phil Jackson and talk about Jackson, which led to the aforementioned hypothetical question.

Shaquille O’Neal on who would win in a game between the 3-peat Bulls and the 3-peat Lakers.

The 1996 Chicago Bulls are widely regarded as the best team in league history. However, people started to argue that from a pure talent standpoint, teams like the ’17 Warriors and the ’01 Lakers beat them. Rich Eisen asked Shaquille O’Neal what he thought would happen if his Lakers faced off against the Jordan’s Bulls and here’s what he had to say about it:

“The main factor is, who is going to keep me? I make the difference. Who will keep me? Wennington? Purdue? Rodman? Cartwright? “

Literally, the way to keep Shaquille O’Neal for about 15 straight seasons was to mess him up, aka “Hack-a-Shaq”. He also addresses this issue and says he would bet on himself to squeeze a decent percentage of the charitable guts if the Bulls were to resort to “Hack-a-Shaq” techniques.

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