“Who’s going to keep Shaquille O’Neal?” : NBA Twitter reacts to Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe’s $15 All-NBA team

Popular NBA analysts Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe build their $15 team of the century.

The co-panelists of the popular show Undisputed on Fox Sports, Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe, are regularly seen debating heated topics, their favorite topic of discussion being LeBron James. However, their recent debate has them donning a GM’s hat.

Skip and Shannon both decided to engage in barbershop conversation, creating their $15 Team of the Century. The goal is to select an all-time NBA team with just $15, with some of the greatest players ever receiving different prizes.

There is a set of players for each playing position, having different prices. It looks like Skip and Shannon put in hours of work before building their lineups.

Skip was quick to admit he had the edge, thanks to the iconic Shaq-Kobe duo. For those wondering why the former ESPN analyst didn’t have his GOAT Michael Jordan on the roster, the reason is that it was the team of the 21st century.

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With Skip tweeting his and Shannon’s list for $15 teams, the floor was open for NBA fans on Twitter to react.

NBA Twitter reacts to Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe’s $15 All-NBA Teams.

Well, the mixed reactions to Skip’s tweet come as no surprise. An interesting point here is that apart from Shaq-Kobe, no player has played together. So we know why Skip is so confident.

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