Will The Guard or NRG clinch the final NA VCT Stage 2 playoff spot?

The Guard will face NRG on June 12 and the winner will take the final playoff spot for NA VCT Stage 2.

Both teams performed disappointingly in the NA VCT Stage 2 group stage. NRG and The Guard only won one series each and, coincidentally, both of their wins were against TSM. NRG is currently 5th, while The Guard is just an inch above 4th.

NRG had signed Ethan before the start of the season and it has proven to be a great addition so far. The Guard, on the other hand, seems to have lost its original momentum and looks different. Which team will be up to the challenge?

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NA VCT Stage 2: The Guard vs. NRG

The Guard roster is pretty much unchanged with Trent, Sayaplayer, neT, JonahP, and valyn. This roster surprised us in NA VCT Stage 1 by winning it and moving straight into the Masters Playoffs. However, after their initial dominance, their run ended in an early exit from the Masters Playoffs. Fans were ready to see another bout of youth dominance, but it was disappointing. Sayaplayer and Trent are the only players who seem consistent as The Guard fight for their last chance.

NRG, on the other hand, looked pristine with Ethan added to the roster. Tex, hazed, s0m, eeiu and Ethan looked strong in qualifying, but in the group stage they fell apart. Currently they sit in 5th place, hanging by a thread and could definitely use Ethan’s experience. NRG has always been the team that falls under pressure and never takes the next step. Are they determined enough to change that?

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Teams qualified for the Playoffs

  1. ghost games
  2. XSET
  3. 100 thieves
  4. optical game
  5. evil geniuses
  6. Brightness games
  7. FaZe-Clan
  8. To be determined [Winner of The Guard vs NRG]

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