“Wouldn’t want to have to keep Kevin Durant in a 7-game streak”: Jerry West reveals his favorite Warriors player, describes his offensive genius

Not everyone might know that Jerry West is the NBA logo, he is considered a legend among legends. And the favorite player of the legend is Kevin Durant.

West was a 6’3 point guard who could do it all on the basketball court. A 14-time All-Star, Jerry was an NBA Champion, Scoring Champion, Assist Leader and was part of the Top 5 NBA All-Defensive Teams.

He was not only a great player, he won 8 championships as a board member of different NBA franchises. His time at Golden State Warriors helped them win 2 championships in 6 years. Along the way, Jerry became a fan of Kevin Durant.

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Jerry West had the opportunity to work with Kevin Durant on the Warriors and he enjoyed it

In a recent interview with Tells Terrell Owens & Matthew Hatchette, Jerry West shared his story of becoming an NBA logo and also spoke of his admiration for Kevin Durant:

“Kevin Durant! Oh my God, I was around him at Golden State, when I was there he’s one of the nicest people and he’s a real professional, I love this guy. and people don’t realize because of his personality, he has a quiet personality, but my god he’s just amazing and he’s just a perfect teammate, he can pass the ball out of the ball and he can bounce it, he can defend, offensively, I don’t think you can keep him.

KD averaged over 25 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists in his first year at Golden State. In the playoffs, he made an additional 3-point improvement and led Warriors to a championship which won an MVP of the final.

West continued: “What I like about him is that he never says a word and he plays fair.”

Although Jerry decided to move to the Clippers in 2017, he is still a big fan of KD.

“But Oh my God, I wouldn’t want to have to keep him in a 7 game streak because you know you’re trying to adjust defenses to him, you know you can’t adjust defenses properly, because he’s so …, he can shoot anyone, he shoots the ball so high. He’s an amazing passer, watching him play and Warriors up close in person, he was one of my favorite players. ” Jerry concluded the topic.

When Terrell Owens tried to ask Jerry who he thinks is the better offensive player, MJ, LeBron or KD. Jerry did not answer this question but continued his admiration for KD.

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KD’s one man show against the Bucks was a treat to watch even with Kyrie and Harden injured. Jerry West also appreciated. It would be interesting to see how KD and the Nets play with a fit Harden. Vaccinated Kyrie would also help the cause.

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