“You can’t keep me!”: Luka Doncic taunts Terance Mann, Isaiah Hartenstein and the whole Staples Center as Mavericks beat Clippers 112-104

Luka Doncic was feeling about his return to Staples Center after an absence due to injury. The Slovenian chatted throughout the game.

The Slovenian sensation suffered knee and ankle sprains in a relentless Mavs victory over Denver last week. Those setbacks kept him from playing last week – a week in which the Mavs were unable to recover a dub.

The good news for Mavs fans is that Kristaps Porzingis has returned to form in the meantime. Better news for them, but bad news for Clippers fans is that Luka Doncic is crying out for blood.

Luka is averaging north of 34 points per game in 13 playoff appearances against the other LA team. He was as good as any player could be against one of the league’s best playoff lineups. And it seems that he still suffers from these Ls on a personal level.

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Luka Doncic taunts Terance Mann, Ivica Zubac and the whole Staples Center

Luka Doncic was almost doomed to reprimand the Clippers at least once this season. It is for this reason that so many NBA fans have been eagerly awaiting this particular game. And Luka Magic was on full display in perhaps the most exciting game of the season so far.

While Paul George may have had the highlight of the night with his 3 equalizer and buzzer corner against Dorian Finney-Smith, Luka dominated him for large parts of the game.

At one point in the second quarter, the 23-year-old complained about making fun of Terance Mann. Luka Doncic got the switch and the bucket on the 3rd year player and ended up calling him “Too f ** king little”.

It was the same at one point in the second half. Luka asked for a screen for a change on Isaiah Hartenstein and scored on him for a second straight possession. He then shouted “He can’t protect me!” Before sending the same message to the Staples crowd.

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